Starkville, MS General Civil Litigation Attorney

It's an unfortunate occurrence when two or more people find themselves involved in a civil dispute. From fraud, negligence and claims for damages to breach of contract, you may find yourself embroiled in a legal argument that you need assistance solving. That is what C Marty Haug is available for.

As a general civil litigation attorney in the Golden Triangle Area, C. Marty Haug can assist you in a variety of types of civil dispute. This is the truth of the matter: If you think you need an attorney, you probably do.

Call our office today at 662-324-9492 and tell us what we can help you with. We are happy to offer you advice at no cost, so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation and set of circumstances.

The Role of Your Civil Litigation Attorney

When you hire Attorney Haug to represent you in civil court, he will act as your advocate. You can rest assured that you will be represented aggressively, so you receive a favorable outcome in your case. You will have an attorney on your side who has extensive knowledge of civil law, strong advocacy skills and analytical abilities.

You want a strong negotiator representing you in civil court, one who possesses extraordinary interpersonal skills. You will have this with Attorney Haug. He will work as long and as hard as necessary to build a solid case on your behalf. You should expect nothing less from the attorney you choose.

What You Can Expect In Civil Litigation

While every case is certainly unique, you can expect your litigation to take a general course. Despite what is depicted on television, you will typically spend very little time in a courtroom. The majority of your case will be spent in the discovery process.

It is during discovery that Attorney Haug will exchange information with the defendant's legal team, witnesses and other third parties. People may be deposed and demands for information or documents may be issued. This is the sort of evidence gathering process that will be utilized to construct your case.

In fact, your case may never see the inside of a courtroom. Many civil cases are settled out of court before a trial begins. If your case should go to trial, you can expect the entire process, from beginning to end, to last anywhere from several months to more than a year.

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Attorney C. Marty Haug is an effective litigator with more than a decade of experience. He proudly calls Starkville home and has dedicated himself to representing his fellow citizens to the absolute best of his ability. If you think you may have a civil case, please call our office at 662-324-9492 for assistance.

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