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You are doing your best and trying to make a life for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, you’ve got a criminal record that you just can’t get rid of. When you are trying to get ahead in the Golden Triangle Area, you may come up against more than a few roadblocks if you’ve got a history with law enforcement. At The Law Offices of C. Marty Haug, we are here to help.

A person with a criminal record knows how difficult life can be. You find it hard to secure gainful employment. It is harder for you to get a loan or secure financing for a major purchase. You may even be finding yourself passed over for other applicants when it comes to housing. Imagine what life could be like if that criminal record wasn’t following you. Expungement is an option  worth looking into.

Life With a Criminal Record

No one has to tell you that your options for living life to its fullest are limited when you have a criminal record. Whether you have been turned down when trying to rent an apartment or denied a professional license, you have been paying for your crime long after you’ve fulfilled your obligations with the court.

No one is immune from making a mistake. For some, that mistake can have life altering consequences. Reach out to our office today if a criminal record is making it impossible for you to fully participate in life, support yourself or your family in a way you should be able or preventing you from obtaining gainful employment. Criminal record expungement may be possible.

Criminal Record Expungement in Mississippi

If you have a criminal record following you around that you would prefer faded into the past, you need an experienced attorney. While some criminal convictions are eligible for expungement, others are not. Knowing where you qualify is the first step in making your life easier.

In most cases, nonviolent, misdemeanor crimes can be expunged in the state. Felony crimes of larceny, bad checks, shoplifting, malicious mischief, false pretenses and controlled substance possession may be expunged. Few other, if any, felonies qualify for expungement. It’s also important to know there are limits to expungement.

For example, even after your criminal record has been expunged, the military will still have access to it should you decide to join. If you apply for a job in law enforcement, your criminal record will be an issue. In essence, your records will not be erased, they will only be made unavailable to a potential employer, a financial institution and the general public. For many, that is more than enough.

There are other possibilities to expunge felonies other than the ones described above. Those possibilities will have to be explored on a case by case basis. Contact us today to see if your case qualifies.

Talk to a North Mississippi Expungement Lawyer

If you have a criminal record and want to discuss the possibility of having it expunged, reach out to The Law Office of C. Marty Haug. We will review the charges you have been convicted of and provide you with your options. Your first consultation will be held at no cost to you, meaning that you have nothing to lose but, possibly, your criminal history. Call our office at 662-324-9492 to schedule your case evaluation.